Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jean Derome's ''Résistances'' at FIMAV 2015.

JEAN DEROME will turn 60 years old on June 29, 2015. He will be celebrating ''l'Année Jean Derome'' from May 2015 to June 2016 with a number of events, and the party will kick off at FIMAV with a bang: the premiere « Résistances » for 20-piece orchestra.
I'm glad to be back at FIMAV with Jean for the 4th time; my first appearance at the festival was with his 12-piece group 'Dangereux Zhomes +7' in 2009, and we have played together as part of both of the Ratchet Orchestra's performances. It is a pleasure and an honour to make music with someone who is just incapable of phoning it in.
'Résistances' is an amazing piece of work! It's an hour long, and much of it is in an unusual tuning and temperament, based on the 60hz hum of electricity in North America. The orchestra features some of Montreal's best and most idiosyncratic improvising musicians, and we are rehearsing 9 times for this show. The music is really going to fly!!! 
Lori Freedman : clarinettes
Joane Hétu : saxophone alto, voix, objets
Ellwood Epps : trompette
Scott Thomson : trombone
Guido Del Fabbro : violon
Joshua Zubot : violon
Pierre-Yves Martel : contrebasse
Nicolas Caloia : contrebasse
Aaron Lumley : contrebasse
Bernard Falaise : guitare électrique
Rainer Wiens : guitare électrique, kalimbas
Alex St-Onge : basse électrique
Vergil Sharkya’ : synthétiseur
Guillaume Dostaler : piano, synthétiseur
Martin Tétreault : tables tournantes
Diane Labrosse : échantillonneur
Michel F Côté : batterie
Isaiah Ceccarelli : batterie
Pierre Tanguay : batterie
Jean Derome : saxophone alto, flûtes, objets, composition

May 14 2015 at 10pm

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