Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CKUC featuring my music tonight at 11pm...

Rabble Without A Cause

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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Time: 23:00 / 11:00 PM

Host: Bernard Stepien

Tonight's Subject: Montreal trumpetist Ellwood Epps

Ellwood Epps started his musical career in Toronto over 20 years ago. Somehow he got attracted by the vibrant Montreal scene, especially the avant-garde side of it and since 2005 established there. His art covers practically the entire Jazz history. Epps describes himself as being influenced by Louis Armstrong, Maurice Andre, Miles Davis, Bix Beiderbecke, Bill Dixon, Wadada Leo Smith, Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Navarro, Dave Douglas, Laurie Frink, Booker Little, Amy Horvey, Cat Anderson, Cootie Williams, Rex Stewart.

Tonight we will sample his CD Pink Saliva, one of over 40 recordings he appears on, where he focuses on what the younger generations call ambient music. It is a rather lyrical and ecstatic mix of Miles Davis post ‘60s and Bill Dixon’s music featuring sound textures and slow dynamic on single notes on wall to wall electronics. What is remarkable here is that such a minimalistic music captivates ones attention and prevents distraction. Epps developed a rare virtuosity in the very low register of the instrument, something most trumpetists avoid altogether.

Elwood Epps will be featured again in the IMOO series in March.

Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


3 wonderful New York months are coming to an end, and i`ll be heading back to Montreal soon. It`s been a time of intense practice, bike riding over bridges, meeting wonderful musical friends, hearing amazing performances (Wadada Leo Smith birthday nights and Keith Jarrett solo at Carnegie Hall were lifetime events for me), and discovering the perfect $5 dinner in East Harlem. This city feels so much like home, and I`m grateful to all who have made me feel so welcome; I`ll be back.

I can`t wait to be in Montreal once more and feel this circle completing its course. I have lots to look forward to; getting back to teaching (miss it so much!), starting a new Monday night jam session at L'envers, and a bunch of performances that I`m very excited about. I`ll be doing a solo on March 2nd, and revisiting the duet with Sam Shalabi on March 4th. On March 9th I`ll be celebrating Ornette Coleman's and my birthday with his music (along with some new writing of mine) with some very very fine company.

And then, the present continues...hope to see you there.