Thursday, May 16, 2013

Podcast, Summer Performances, Recordings, New Website

I'm glad to be getting back to more playing (never enough!) after moving house and being sick for a while.
I haven't done a solo performance in a while, and I'm in better shape on the horn than ever before, so now is the time. I'll be happy to share the bill with Daniel Heikalo, who is making a return of sorts to the Montreal scene. I will also be playing a first-time duet with saxophonist Yves Charuest, who is on fire these days! I hope the flames spread quickly! I will also be doing a big night on June 30, during (but not officially part of) that uh, downtown music festival, you know the one? I'll be playing the music of Ornette Coleman with an acoustic quartet, and Pink Saliva will be playing with our friend Sam Shalabi, who will be visiting from his home in Cairo. And I'll be at the Suoni per il Popolo festival with Nicolas Caloia's Juno-nominated Ratchet Orchestra, peforming the music of Malcolm Goldstein.

There's lots more to come. I should be announcing the release of 4 recordings this summer, by Land of Marigold (Josh Zubot and me), a quartet with JackWright/Chris Dadge/Scott Munro, Mecha Fixes Clocks, and Pink Saliva.

I will be launching a proper website where you will be able to enjoy some video and audio recordings, and where I'll hopefully entice you to buy some of my recordings.

I was a guest along with guitarist Alex Pelchat on CHOQ FM's new Thursday morning program 'Les Sontanées'. We did some talking, and you can hear a 10-minute improvised duet around 25:20 of the podcast which you'll find here:

And hopefully I'll be playing a looooot more, because that's where it all comes to life for me!

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