Thursday, October 18, 2012

Up to the eyeballs in music.

(with William Parker and Orchestra, October 12 2012)

It's been a busy, crazy, inspiring, challenging time and if it doesnt kill me it'll make me stronger. 

L'envers, the venue i've worked (and lived)  at for more than 4 years has had some problems with police, and we'll be leaving 185 Van Horne. We're too busy to get weepy, as we're finding homes for ALL of the shows in our calendar at a variety of nice venues around Montréal. I need a little break, so we're not taking any new bookings at this time, but we'll be back at it in the new year like the phoenix we've always been.

I've also been plenty busy with the horn on my face, and just had a great time at L'OFF Festival de Jazz here in Montreal. I spent 3 days rehearsing with 14 musicians from Montreal, Kingston, and Québec City under the direction of William Parker. We did 2 concert length pieces, 'Fragrances of Compassion for Lawrence D. Butch Morris', and 'Treetops and quiet son', dedicated to the recently departed John Tchicai. My trio Pink Saliva also did 2 sets, and I`m delighted that we won the Prix François Marcaurelle, which means we'll be invited back to the festival and have about $2000 of resources towards making our next record.

I'm also up to beyond my eyeballs learning the music for a performance of Italian composer Fausto Romitelli's 'Professor Badtrip', which will be presented as part of the Codes d'accès series on November 1st. It's the first time I've had to play C trumpet (and harmonica!) and the hardest music I have ever seen on a printed page.

Add to that the long-awaited CD launch (on Haloween!) for the Ratchet Orchestra, an EE trio performance, a night of Monk, another trio, and planning my cost-to-cost tour, and I really should stop typing and go to bed.

Hope to see you out there and thanks for reading.

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