Thursday, August 16, 2012

Save L'envers!!! Sauvons L'envers!!!

Please help save this wonderful home for improvised music!
Since 2008, this entirely volunteer-run loft venue has presented over 500 nights of the best improvised music that Montreal and the world have to offer. I`m the artistic director and the janitor (no joke) and I`m asking anyone reading this to be generous and make a donation to keep us floating. $1600 will get us back on our feet, but we could use a lot more than that to make this venue a sustainable home for the creative spirit for a long time to come.

We are offering 6 exciting levels of membership in exchange for your donation. Depending on the level at which you contribute, you`ll get great stuff like L'envers T-Shirts, Buttons, Book Bags, Stickers, Free Shows, and much more!!! Follow the above link to find out more and to GIVE!!!

If you`re in Montreal, please come to our S.O.S. Rent Party on Friday August 24th.

And if you`re a Montreal musician, book your rehearsals now in this amazing sunny, private studio with a good piano, p.a., and drum kit. Only $10/hour and you`ll be helping pay our enourmous rent of $1110/month.

Much gratitude for you support and giving spirit!

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